Project Description

What starts out as worry can grow over time into solid insecurities and even fears. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that the carousel of thoughts in your head does not give you any peace, often not even at night, and you desperately want a better solution than simply distracting yourself with consumption or even resorting to (self-)medication.

Perhaps you also avoid contact with certain people or certain situations, which limits you to an unacceptable degree on the path of life you actually want to take.

A good tip when dealing with anxiety, given by a well-known American psychotherapist, is to feel the anxiety and act anyway. But what if that doesn’t work?

In the fear a part of you expresses itself, which you have created yourself and nourished again and again by certain thoughts. Maybe there were situations in which the fear was justified, but is it really justified or helpful in this very moment? Probably not! Maybe you have also taken over a fear from outside and now you don’t even realize that it is not your fear at all. Either way, this part of you seems to have lost confidence in your own power and strength.

Now it is good to know that you are more than this part. Through self-reflection and inner work during the coaching at Mylifecoach, you can learn to not let this part have control over you anymore. You learn how to instead face your fears and insecurities in a way that allows you to transform them into confidence and courage through understanding, acceptance and allowing yourself to feel through the feeling. The part of you that was charged with this emotional load of fear is thus discharged, and the fear is finally let go. Knowing that you can now handle whatever comes your way, it becomes something strengthening within you, and you are again one step closer to restoring your wholeness. You have gotten rid of worry and the path is clear to a way of life that brings you peace and happiness. Now you are no longer prevented from making positive changes in your life.

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