Project Description

Loneliness is now taking on dramatic proportions in our society, as reflected in rising suicide rates and increasing mental illness. But it can be overcome, even if that seems hard for the lonely person to believe.

Loneliness is not necessarily the same as the physical state of being alone, because you can also be alone and not feel lonely. At the same time, one can still feel lonely even though one is with other people. There then remains a feeling of separation and isolation despite physical closeness.

“Loneliness, by its very nature, tells you that you are completely alone. When you are lonely, you are not a match to other lonely people. You are a match to watching everyone else seem like they have connection. With true loneliness, it doesn’t matter if you are technically in the room with another person or a group of other people. You feel like you are living your life behind a one-way mirror or a pane of glass. You can see them and hear them, but there is this separation between you. A separation that ensures that you can never quite touch. You will never get close enough to actually be together. It is as if you are living in two separate parallel realities inside two invisible bubbles, whose membranes keep your two worlds apart, even though they technically exist within the very same physical room.”
–– Teal Swan

In coaching, people who suffer from loneliness can learn a way to experience connection again. The separating membrane can be recognized as something that was once necessary but is no longer needed today. In this way, true authentic closeness and true exchange can finally become possible again.

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