Project Description

Feminine energy stands for life itself, abundance, matter, the power to create and implement, to be in flow. We as women as well as men are allowed to express this female polarity and bring it to life.
Unfortunately, especially women are suppressed in their very own feminine energy in our society and have been for generations.

Rediscovering and appreciating yourself and your feminine qualities can be a milestone in the coaching process.

During the coaching process, you may discover hindering beliefs that have developed over the course of your life and through the conditioning of your parents and caregivers. Now, in your transformative process, you are allowed to turn them into gold. You will become aware of your own totally unique primal vibration and energy and you will recognize how you can bring your gifts and your potential into the world for the benefit of all.

A first step on this path could be to first of all allow and accept an appreciative and empowering support for yourself. Especially for us women it is not always natural and helpful to be a lone fighter in a challenging environment.

Instead, we are allowed to connect with other well-meaning and supportive women. Nurtured, encouraged and inspired, we follow our own path and learn to enjoy it more and more.

This is why you may want to ask yourself one question….

Are you ready, on your journey to yourself, to also face your unloved parts? Especially our repressed and unwanted parts have to be allowed to be fully there first before they can be integrated. With an experienced deep-sea diver at your side, you will get the support to explore your inner ocean and bring your long hidden treasures to light.

“As women it is our very own power to give life. And so we give birth to ourselves and our world over and over again.” – Meike Geissler

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