Project Description

Does it have any meaning to be born to be a man? Is there such a thing as masculinity as a real quality, as a polarity of life? And if so, can masculinity be lived as a positive, healthy quality that enriches you, your life and the lives of those around you? The answer to all these questions is: yes!

Many men have had their masculinity driven out of them, or have been denied the opportunity to develop a healthy masculinity in the first place. The result is insecurity, conformity, and guilt. But for a fulfilling life, a man must learn to finally be a man again – alive and passionate, with heart and mind, and in a powerful, healthy body.

“It’s time to move beyond the macho ideal – all spine and no heart. But it’s also time to evolve beyond the sensitive softie ideal – all heart and no spine.”
– David Deida

It’s time to put an end to the old macho stereotypes of masculinity. Conscious masculinity means the unity of spine and heart and the cultivation of a loving presence that is already innate to every man. A clarity and ability to be fully there, that is true masculinity.

A life coaching can support you as a man to get rid of the old, “hard” male role models as well as not being dependent on new “soft” role models. You don’t need this orientation towards the outside if you succeed in looking inside and recognizing your own true quality. Indeed, masculinity is not a construct, but together with its counterpart femininity, it is one of the two basic qualities of life. If you dismantle the fences that have been placed around your own basic quality of being and masculine power, then you also clear the way for your new, authentic manhood. A path that leads through courageous contact with your own feelings, including those towards your father, the first male role model in your life.

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