Project Description

Do you know the secrets to creating, maintaining and sustainably strengthening happy partner relationships?

  • To finally meet each other in love?
  • To live life with full sensuality?
  • To win your own soul mate as a life partner?

The Unfulfilled Promise of Partnership

In partner relationships, people have the chance to experience closeness, love and great happiness together. But for many people, this promise does not come true. Instead, they experience constraints on their choices and opportunities for development, disappointments, and often even injuries. The result is frustration, the perpetuation of stagnant relationships, or the never-ending but never successful search for “Mr. or Mrs. Right”. Even a pleasurable sexuality can often not really be lived. And even health and creativity can suffer as a result of the resulting lack of joy in life.

(Re)finding happiness with the existing partner

In Life Coaching men and women can learn to meet again in love, joy and freedom without hurting each other. The key to a partner relationship of mutual respect, honor and appreciation lies in our relationship with ourselves. Only when we find and learn to love in ourselves what we reject in the other, can we truly allow the other to be as he or she is. In this way, we gradually understand our partner as our mirror, showing us our own path to more self-love and development, and love him or her for it.

Growth, love and happiness for your next relationship

For people in search of a life partner, it can work wonders to clear up the relationship with the ex-partner with the help of your life coach. Only when judgments, blaming and feelings of guilt are replaced by peace, forgiveness and gratitude, the way is free for a real new beginning, in which the old is not repeated.

“The only thing that matters in life is the traces of love we leave behind when we leave.” – Albert Schweitzer

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