Project Description

More and more people engaged in personally transformation work and experiences are encountering spiritual emergencies and crises, where the process of growth and change becomes chaotic and overwhelming (“Spiritual Emergencies”).

If you feel that your sense of identity is collapsing, that your old values no longer apply, and that the ground beneath your personal reality is shifting radically, you may be experiencing such an episode.

Perhaps a trigger has been that new levels of mystical and spiritual experience have suddenly and dramatically entered your life, causing fear and confusion. People in this situation report tremendous anxiety, to the point of difficulty in managing their daily lives, work, and relationships. Some even fear for their own sanity.

Unfortunately, a spiritual crisis can easily be mistaken for mental illness. Transformational crises are then suppressed by routine psychiatric care, medication, and even institutionalization.

But a spiritual crisis is not a mental illness! It is a transformative breakthrough that can hold enormous potential for physical and emotional healing. When understood and supported, spiritual distress can become a gateway to higher levels of consciousness and new ways of being.

Life coaching can provide a good framework to better understand your situation, avoid pitfalls, and realize the inherent potentials that it holds. It offers an ideal support in a spiritual crisis, and a complement to what you can expect from family, friends and medical professionals. May you seize the opportunity offered by the crisis of spiritual crisis: the promise of spiritual awakening and inner renewal.

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