Project Description

Learning to love oneself unconditionally is the greatest challenge and goal in life. Because only those who love themselves are able to love others. Therefore, if you want a loving society, you have to start with yourself. And: true love has no conditions!

The love for ourselves is the key for a peaceful interactions, for a healthy body and for success and fulfillment in life. Because the one who loves himself is the better partner, the better mother and the better father. People who condemn, criticize, belittle or sacrifice themselves are not a blessing for their fellow human beings, but a burden. And it is precisely these condemnations that many of us have experienced in the past through negative experiences. Partly unconsciously. Maybe you also have such an unprocessed experience (…which is unconscious to you right now).

In coaching you can learn to be your own best friend again, by revealing and dissolving the programs from childhood that have been undermining your self-love ever since. By recognizing and understanding the misguided causes of inner rejection, rejected sides can be rediscovered, accepted, and learned to love. This opens the way for more joy, play and lightness in your life. A natural consequence of the regained self-love is a natural self-confidence and self-esteem.

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