Project Description

From your normal job to your true vocation

  • Develop your personal vision
  • Give space to your own life vision
  • And successfully go your own way

Perhaps you will recognize yourself in this…

Your soul is incorruptible

Quite a few people go to work and put themselves out there for causes they don’t believe in. What they do, they do because others expect it of them, but not because they want it from their innermost motivation. They work to earn money and to provide some security. However, somewhere in them still lives the knowledge that they were made for other things. As a result, demotivation and an inner pressure of suffering arise, which can also express itself in illness.

Mission Possible

At the same time, there are also some who succeed in living a different (work) life. They powerfully go their very own way. For them, work is a vocation. Something they do with love and dedication and that brings success and fulfillment to their lives. How did they accomplish this? What it takes is the courage to ask themselves the core questions of life: Who do I really want to be? What should be the most important thing in life for me?

Those who go with the flow swim downhill

While our society is good at making us a functioning member, it no longer asks the core questions. On the contrary, it is much more likely to demand conformity. In many original cultures, on the other hand, there was and still is the vision quest. It is a central tool for personality development that helps people to receive a meaningful perspective for their lives.

Finding your life’s purpose

The good news is that those who want to find their life vision can also find support in our culture. As life coaches, we not only apply modern psychology, but we also integrate special methods from ancient wisdom traditions. In this way, life coaching with us can awaken you to your own vision for life. It will help you to stop making lazy compromises, to listen to your heart, and it will open up a new perspective that may seem impossible to you right now.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Gustav Jung

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