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Do you have an ambivalent relationship with money?

Then let me tell you one thing… many people feel the same way. On the one hand, they don’t have enough of it: hardly a day goes by without worrying about money, income and security. On the other hand, however, they would prefer not to bother with it at all, because, for them, money has something uncomfortable attached to it. This ambivalent relationship to money, which arises from this unpleasantness about money, is unhealthy because it blocks us. It prevents the fullness of life from coming to us.

Is money a good thing or a bad thing for you?

Money is a carrier of control over resources and human labor, which is conferred on it and its owner by social agreement. Is money something good, i.e. serving life, or something bad, i.e. not serving life? It depends on the way we got it, and equally on the way we use it. And so our relationship with money can be improved by changing the way we get it and the way we use it.

Money earned with loving devotion and spent with genuinely felt gratitude is good money. Devotion in doing and sincere gratitude are qualities of the heart and love! We find them where we come to the essential and to our own center. This is the first important key to transforming lack into prosperity!

The 2nd key: Are you allowed to be successful?

Often we unconsciously do not allow ourselves our own success. The reason for this is a deep-seated lack of self-recognition, self-esteem and self-awareness. Secretly, we feel small and deny ourselves our true greatness. Such a false belief about ourselves can be generations old. There is an old story of an eagle who grew up surrounded by chickens, and now believes himself to be a chicken. Many of us are like that eagle. We are firmly convinced that we will never be able to spread our wings and soar above the clouds.

Develop a healthy relationship with money and success

It is possible to rediscover your own eagle nature. And it is possible to develop a healthy relationship with money again and thus transform lack into wealth. The most important key to external wealth lies within: in our relationship to ourselves. Life coaching can help you to find this key. Life is abundance!

Jetzt die Frage an Dich: Ist Deine Zeit gekommen, Dich dem natürlichen Fluss der Fülle zu öffnen, so dass er auch in Deinem Leben fließen kann?

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